The Love of Freedom

Non-smokers Acceptance of The Safecig

MH900262788I simply love my Safecigs!  They have allowed me greater freedom by vaping instead of smoking. It is wonderful to be free to use them almost anywhere. I no longer feel cast out from society and banished to far corners or worse, off the property. I have found non-smoking friends and family readily embracing my use of them in their homes as well. My quality of life has been returned to me. My lungs are clearer and the strong smell of cigarettes are no longer all over my clothing and home.

The price is very reasonable and the customer support outstanding. I have recommended them to others and they too are loving the Safecig vaping experience.  The quality of Safecig is unsurpassed in this field. Everything comes neatly and professionally packaged, which appeals to me greatly. I have loved the taste and feel of vaping since the first puff.  I have yet to experiment with all the new flavors Safecig offers, but I am excitedly looking them over! I love having choices and your company provides me with that at every opportunity, not only with flavors but with my life. The choice to be healthy, the choice to be accepted and the choice to be free to be me.

Submitted by Vicki K. in response to our Valentine’s Contest.

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