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Safecig is an Excellent product, I am extremely satisfied!!! 🙂Jeannette F.

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I truly love the Safecig! I work in health care, so smelling like smoke simply isn’t an option. The Safecig allows me the freedom to smoke when and where I want, without the lingering smell left on my clothing. Thank You Safecig!Jennifer T.

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An excellent product,has helped me tremendously. Helped increase my endurance (I’m a runner) and general well being. God Bless all you great people at Safecig.Sandeep S.

I have not used anything but safecig since Jan.2011!!!! They are great & I have started using the 0 miligrams. No more odor or smoke-my wife is Very Happy!!!! We recommend them to everyone & total strangers always ask about them.Jack H.

Great product and the site is excellent from ordering to checking out.Deborah G.

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My wife and I are pleased with the product that safecig delivers to its customers. We have tried other brands and from the cartridges to the batteries Safecig has been the best in our opinion.Randy G.

The Safecig has saved me from being sued by my neighbor. My son’s smoke was drifting into the neighbor’s townhome unit and he was becoming quite irrate. Yesterday my neighbor came be and thanked me profusely for solving the problem of the smoke.Kathy J.