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The Safecig Micro battery lasts one to two hours of normal use. This battery with LED indicator tip is the flow and power controller for your Safecig. Small and compact at 56mm long and 8mm in diameter, each cell is Individually tested and guaranteed for life, The Safecig Micro battery is the smallest electronic cigarette battery in the world.

Small doesn’t mean less power. When combined with Safecig refills, the Micro Battery delivers power for every puff. Having a spare battery in your car or charging at your computer means you’ll never be without a charged battery for your Safecig.

Technical Specifications

Weight and Measurements

2 1/4" 5/16"

Battery and Power

Lithium Ion Polymer 100-130 Puffs 90m Recommended Usage For medium to heavy smokers we recommend picking up two batteries for consistent power throughout the day.


  • Microsensor for the detection of inhalation pressure
  • Microprocessor controller for battery usage and voltage
  • Advanced lithium ion battery - latest cell phone battery technology
  • Circuit board microchip LED


Required for use

These items are NOT included and are required for a full Safecig experience.
Required: Micro Starter Kit - We have a Micro starter kit for every smoker. Find the right one for you
Required: Micro Refills - Many flavors and strengths available. Find the right one for you
Required: Micro USB Charger - All of our Micro batteries need a charger. Pick up an extra today


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