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Each Micro MAX™ Battery will last about 4 to 6 smoking hours depending on usage. When your MAX™ Battery is not in use the battery goes into standby mode to preserve battery life.

The MAX™ Micro Battery is just 88 Millimeters long and is comparable in size to a “100” & weighs only 0.1000th of a Gram. Making it extremely light & compact. If you are the type of smoker who goes through a couple charges a day you can now eliminate that effort with the MAX™ – Twice the Battery Life – Twice the Power.

Technical Specifications

Weight and Measurements

2 7/8" 5/16"

Battery and Power

Lithium Ion Polymer 300+ Puffs 90m Recommended Usage For medium to heavy smokers we recommend picking up two batteries for consistent power throughout the day.


  • Microsensor for the detection of inhalation pressure
  • Microprocessor controller for battery usage and voltage
  • Advanced lithium ion battery - latest cell phone battery technology
  • Circuit board microchip LED


Required for use

These items are NOT included and are required for a full Safecig experience.
Required: Micro Starter Kit - We have a Micro starter kit for every smoker. Find the right one for you
Required: Micro Refills - Many flavors and strengths available. Find the right one for you
Required: Micro USB Charger - All of our Micro batteries need a charger. Pick up an extra today


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