Macedonian Micro Refill Pack

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What's in the box

  • 7 Cartridges


Robust and savory natural leaf flavors bring a peppery, earthy full bodied and nutty taste to this classic eastern blend.

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Macedonian Flavor

Robust and savory natural leaf flavors bring a peppery, earthy full bodied and nutty taste to this classic eastern blend.

Our Refills

Safecig offers a one of a kind refill cartridge that no other company has yet to replicate. We have spent years perfecting the latest in atomization technology. Creating a refill cartridge that produced a large amount of the cleanest vapor and lasted a long time was extremely important to us. Why? These are the most requested features in highest demand, but are also the most difficult to produce consistently.

To provide a world class refill cartridge we hired a team of engineers to help us build a one of a kind machine that can produce them with the same level of quality whether we are manufacturing one refill or one million refills a day. This is just one example of the lengths we go to in order to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.

A high-quality conductor is needed in order to make a good connection for the battery to be able to mate with the refill cartridge. Each one of our refill cartridges we produce has a custom adapter that is silver plated to allow the perfect connection to the battery.

The “catcher” is something else we have added to our refill cartridges – another first in the electronic cigarette industry. The catcher has been designed to prevent our refills from leaking liquid into our customer’s mouth before vaporizing. Often imitated, Safecig was the first to introduce this catcher technology in our electronic cigarettes.

Technical Specifications

Weight and Measurements

1.97" 2.20"

Battery and Power

Each micro cartridge is equivalent to 3/4 of a pack of tobacco cigarettes.

In The Box

  • 7 Cartridges


Required for use

These items are NOT included and are required for a full Safecig experience.
Required: Micro Starter Kit - We have a Micro starter kit for every smoker. Find the right one for you
Required: Micro USB Charger - All of our Micro batteries need a charger. Pick up an extra today
Required: Micro Batteries - Our batteries come in regular and MAX sizes. Pick one up today


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