Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refill my Safecig cartridges?

No, by design, Safecig refill cartridges cannot be refilled with fluid or solid materials of any kind. Please note that using Safecig batteries with refilled cartridges or with other brand’s cartridges will void your warranty.

Can I Save Money Using Safecig?

Absolutely! Most of the money spent on cigarettes today goes towards taxes and they can cost upwards of $15 a pack in some states. If you add that up over the course of one month, that’s equivalent to a monthly car payment for a $23,000 car!

After being in the business for over 5 years we estimate that Safecig saves the average smoker close to $4,000.00 dollars a year. Although saving money may seem like the most beneficial thing about electronic cigarettes, we don’t believe it is.

Can I use my Safecig anywhere I want to?

Safecig is non-combustible so it can be used in most “No Smoking” areas such as restaurants, bars, malls and even at your office. Local laws vary, but generally if you are not bothering anyone else, you should not have a problem. 80% of Safecig users say they have never been bothered when using a Safecig. Users also report that they receive a lot of “what is that” questions from curious onlookers.

Can I use my Safecig on an airliner?

Unfortunately, No. While the FAA has made no rulings on Electronic cigarettes, most airlines have decided not to allow Electronic Cigarettes on US and most international flights. This is due to a blanket ban on any type of device that even looks like it could be combustible.

Does nicotine cause cancer?

Independent worldwide research studies over the last 50 years have shown no evidence that nicotine causes cancer in animals or humans.

Does Safecig have nicotine in it?

A Safecig contains about the same amount of nicotine as a nicotine patch but the effects are instant. Safecig controls when and where you get the nicotine.

Safecig cartridges come in multiple strengths, meaning you can use less nicotine if you choose. Translated from milligrams into the percentage of nicotine contained in the fluid, the strength ratings are:

  • 24mg – 2.4%
  • 18mg – 1.8%
  • 14mg – 1.4%
  • 11mg – 1.1%
  • 6mg – 0.6%
  • 0mg – 0.0%

Please note, only classic tobacco flavors (Traditional, Classic, Menthol) come in varying strengths. All other flavors for both the Original and Micro systems come in only 18mg strength.

Does Safecig help you stop smoking?

If you’re using Safecig, you aren’t smoking! Safecig is a tobacco cigarette substitute designed for those looking for a better alternative to combustible tobacco cigarettes. Some users have reported that they have cut down their tobacco smoking, but Safecig is NOT sold as a stop smoking device and we do not claim that it is.

How do I know when my refill needs to be replaced?

When the flavor starts to get less robust and flavorful, that’s the signal that you are running out of fluid. It’s a matter of taste. If it changes, it’s time to replace the refill cartridge. Some people report that the taste of an empty cartridge is like burnt paper. Typically once the cartridge loses it’s flavor or simply stops producing vapor it is empty and needs to be replaced.

How Do I Select a Nicotine Level I'm Comfortable With?

Safecig refill cartridges are available in 6 nicotine levels.

The guide below will help you select the right nicotine level for yourself.

  • 24 mg = Comparable to “non filters” (Designed for the very heavy smoker.)
  • 18 mg = Comparable to “full flavored”
  • 14 mg = Comparable to “mediums”
  • 11 mg = Comparable to “lights”
  • 6 mg = Comparable to “ultra-lights”
  • 0 mg = Cartridges with flavor but contain no nicotine at all.

How does a Safecig work?

The refill cartridge has a heating coil inside that vaporizes the flavoring fluid that contains nicotine. When you take a drag on a Safecig, the flow sensor automatically turns the coil on, heats the vaporizing fluid in the cartridge and generates vapor. The fluid is vaporized into a fine mist that looks identical to smoke, except there’s “No Smoke, No Tar, No Ash and No Bad Smell”

How Long Does a Refill Cartridge Last?

Each cartridge will last about 120-180 puffs depending on size (Micro = 120, Original = 180) 180 is roughly equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes. We have noticed in the last 4 years that customers tend to use Safecig more frequently compared to their traditional cigarettes due to the increase in convenience. It is always wise to stock up on refills and plan ahead to make sure you do not run out. The last thing we want is for you to start smoking real cigarettes again. Please make sure that the refill cartridges are stored in a dry environment, out of direct sunlight and not in any hot, enclosed areas like a car. The average shelf life for a refill cartridge is about 3 months unopened. Opened refill cartridges should not be used after one week.

How long does a Safecig battery last before I have to recharge it?

Depending on which Safecig you have the range is from 150 to 350 puffs. The average tobacco cigarette lasts for 10 – 12 puffs. A Micro battery will last about the same as 10 – 15 tobacco cigarettes. A MAX battery will last about the same as 20 – 30 cigarettes.

Is propylene glycol safe to inhale?

Propylene Glycol has been used in asthma inhalers since the 1950’s. It is a natural germicide and is the mixing compound of choice for most pharmaceutical and vitamin mixtures. If you take any kind of a commercial pill or have used an inhaler you have ingested propylene glycol. It is also the “smoke” you have seen in live theater and at concerts

Is Safecig banned by the FDA?

No. Safecig is legal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. For a synopsis of Electronic Cigarette related legal information internationally, please refer to the Wikipedia entry on Electronic Cigarettes.

Is Safecig vapor dangerous for people around me like second hand smoke?

No. There is no second hand danger from Safecig products because there is no burning of any kind.

Isn't propylene glycol the same stuff that's in my car's anti-freeze?

No, anti-freeze contains ethylene glycol, which IS a poison. Propylene glycol USP is a food and pharmaceutical product and it is non-toxic.

It says on my Safecig box “this product is not FDA approved”. What does that mean?

Safecig makes no claims about the effectiveness of Safecig in helping anyone quit smoking tobacco cigarettes or in treating any disease.

I'm using my Safecig more than my old cigarettes. Isn't that bad for me?

No. Using a Safecig is different. A regular cigarette must burn out, so you smoke a whole one. With Safecig, you may feel like you are smoking more, but you actually aren’t because you’re puffing over a more extended time period.

Safecig seems expensive. How can Safecig save me money?

Safecig costs about half as much compared to tobacco cigarettes, more in some states or if you smoke more than a pack-a-day. The upfront cost of buying a Safecig kit is less over the long term because you’ll save money on the refill cartridges.

The average cost of smoking a pack a day in America is around $4000 / year. The average cost of the same thing with Safecig is about $950 / year.

The taste is slightly sweeter than a traditional cigarette. Why is this?

Unlike smoke from a traditional cigarette, vapor has no bitterness because nothing is burning. No burning = No bitterness.

What do I do if my Safecig breaks and doesn't work anymore?

Unlike many other brands, Safecig comes with a lifetime warranty on the batteries and chargers. If any part of your Safecig fails, we will replace it for you at no charge. Simply go to our website at and request a warranty exchange. Send the item to us and we’ll send a replacement usually within 48 hours of receipt of the defective part. Remember too, like with all electronic devices, do not get your Safecig wet or leave it out in the hot sun.

Accessories like BLINK have their own conditional warranty. Unfortunately health regulations do not allow us to accept refill cartridges for return.

What ingredients are in a Safecig?

Safecig refills have just four basic ingredients:

  • Vaporizing fluid (Propylene Glycol)
  • Distilled water
  • Natural flavors and essential oils
  • Nicotine

All ingredients are approved for human consumption.

What is a Safecig?

Safecig is a new technology that offers a real alternative to smoking dangerous tobacco cigarettes. It is a smarter alternative to smoking because there is no tobacco combustion. Safecig has no smoke, no tar, no ash and no bad smell. Yes, Safecig has nicotine to satisfy the craving for a cigarette however it does not have the health dangers related to inhaling highly toxic cigarette smoke.

What is propylene glycol? (PG)

“PG” is primarily a food additive used in thousands of products. It is a glycerin product that is refined for human consumption. PG is a natural germicide, easily biodegradable and is a preferred mixing compound for most pharmaceutical and vitamin pills. PG and water mix very well which is why it makes such great vapor.

What is that smoke coming from my Safecig?

Safecig has no flame, does not burn and makes no smoke. What you are seeing is a fine water vapor mist produced in a similar process to most FDA approved inhalers.

Cigarettes, on the other hand, have 4000 identified cancer causing chemicals in them when they burn (tar, benzene, formaldehyde and worst of all carbon monoxide) creating smoke. Some of the fumes that come out of your car are found in tobacco cigarettes.

Who Is Safecig?

Safecig is the first company to introduce electronic cigarettes to the American market close to 4 years ago and is now one of the largest in the world. We are the only company in America to privately fund all research & engineering for all of our products. Safecig is a family owned and operated company located in the beautiful hills of Hollywood, California. We pride ourselves in offering a world class product to our valued customers each and every time an order is placed.

Why doesn't Safecig sell candy or bubble gum flavors?

Safecig makes 14 tobacco and herbal flavors designed exclusively to suit adult tastes and sensibilities. Safecig takes very seriously our duty NOT to encourage young people to start smoking. That is why Safecig does not sell candy or bubble gum flavors or market to children and teenagers under the age of 18.

Will Safecig Stain My Teeth?

No, not at all!. Here is a fun test for you to do when you get your Safecig home. Light up a regular cigarette and take just one drag. Now place a tissue or paper towel over your mouth and blow the cigarette smoke through it. You will notice that the tissue paper will turn yellow even with just that one drag. Now do the same thing with your Safecig. You can do it a million times but the tissue paper will remain perfectly white.