About Us

Our Mission

Safecig is a company formed by a diverse group of passionate, driven individuals dedicated to delivering an alternative to traditional tobacco. In the five years since its introduction to the US market, Safecig has defined the Electronic Cigarette for American consumers. From the original Safecig to the Micro packs of today, we consistently strive to take the best in new technology and place it in our customers’ hands.

Safecig employs aggressive, world class technology, engineering, scientific, and medical programs, led by the brightest minds in their fields, to design, manufacture, and distribute the highest quality, most rapidly advancing, and above all safest electronic cigarettes in the world. We are also the only company to privately fund our own research on the efficacy of our products. No Ash. No Tar. No Smoke. Just Vapor.

Our Technology

From our Original Rechargeable (ARC) technology to our new Aurora disposables, Safecig delivers the best Electronic Cigarettes around.

Our Warranty

Safecig offers the best warranty in the industry. With a lifetime guarantee on all of our hardware and a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our products, we have you covered.

Our Quality

Our Quality Assurance program ensures that our products deliver the highest quality with the lowest failure rates. We are constantly improving our products, and strive to deliver the best electronic smoking experience.

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